Import & Domestic Hardwood Plywood

hardwood plywood

Import Hardwood/Plywood

Decorative Hardwood Plywood, UV finished, Cut to Size and Machined, Overlaid Plywood, Veneer Core, MDF Core, Particleboard Core, Lumber Core, Aspen Lumber Core, Laminated Plywood, Door Skins, Platforms, Drawer Bottoms, Cabinet Backs, Cabinet Components.

Russian Birch / Polish Birch / Platforms


Russian Birch Plywood

Multiply Birch Plywood, Uni-directional Plywood, Cut to Size and Machined, UV coated, Printed, Drawer Sides, Furniture Parts, Concrete Form, Framestock, Platforms.

Polish Plywood

Decorative Hardwood Plywood, FSC ® certified Plywood, Multiply Birch, Multiply Pine, Aspen Lumber Core, FSC certified Platforms, Over Size Plywood Sheets, Melamine Overlay Plywood, Non-Skid Plywood, Engineered Flooring Substrate, Underlayment, Uni-directional Plywood, Marine Grade Plywood, Concrete Form, Primed Plywood

FSC Certified Platforms

IWP is certified for chain of custody by NEPCon. IWP markets both certified and non-certified wood products. Wood products certified by NEPCon are recognized as coming from "well managed" forests adhering to strict environmental and socioeconoimic standards in accordance with the Principles and criteria of the Forest Stewardship Council ® (FSC).

Funder Melamime and Powder Coating

powder coating


Thermally Fused Melamine (TFM), Decorative Overlays Cut to Size and fully machined parts, Shelving, Drawers Sides, Store Fixture Components, Cabinet and Furniture Parts

Powder Coating

Clean edges, surfaces designs with pearlescent finishes. Endless color combinations for designs in office, store fixture, toilet partitions and garages in heat and water resistant finishes.

Drawer Sides & Bottoms / Cabinet Shelves

drawer sides

Drawer Sides & Bottoms / Cabinet Shelves

We offer all types of cabinet and furniture parts - drawer sides, cabinet parts, shelving, drawer bottoms, bed rails – solid wood, plywood, MDF, Particleboard - Cut to size, edge banded, grooved, UV coated, UV Tinted, paper laminated, powder coated

Engineered Flooring Substrates


Engineered Flooring Substrates

Our panels are specifically produced for the flooring industry and offer the most precise calibrated plywood panels in the industry produced exactly to customer specifications for thickness, grade, size, etc.. Panels have all multiply hardwood plies that are available in all ranges of thickness and sheet sizes. Available 100 % FSC certified . Panels are provided with quick lead times, stable pricing and a 10 yr warranty.

Wood Edgebanding


Wood Edgebanding

Wood Edgebanding, Prefinished Wood Edgebanding, Kraft Back, Paper back, Self Stick

Cut to Size & Component Fabrication


Cut to Size & Component Fabrication

Fully machined parts, drilled bored, laminated, edge banded, profile wrapping. We can also individual package & label for direct ship.